Cameron Russell posing for Nippon Vogue

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This blog is generally about not-so-serious subjects but today I am writing about something important. I hope you do not mind and if you do...well please fuck off.

You know there is a lot of controversy about immigrants. There are illegal ones and ones that are not but I have to tell you that in my experience immigrants rock.

To wit...

I frequent this variety story. An Arab gentleman runs it and he is so friendly and I go there so often he is more than welcoming and gracious. I buy my smokes and maybe a pop or chips and am on my way and he ALWAYS wishes me a good day or interjects some comment of connection.

About 3 months ago he was obviously sick. Something was wrong and he was not around as much as he was normally. His son took the reins and ran the business and so did his wife.

This is no mean feat. The store opens at 6 AM and is open to 11 PM so someone is there from 5 to midnight and often the same person. I mean, who the fuck would want to do that? And they are open 7 days a week. The owner has no other staff than his family. That is it. That is at least 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fuck I barely work 40 hours and I am bagged at the end of the week.

So, I go in today. My guy is looking slow. He is not himself so I ask him, "What is up, are you OK." and he relates to me he had a seizure last night and he is not feeling too well. I ask him if he knows the reason and he points to his head and I see it, for the first time. The bones of his skull are deformed. I have no idea why I never noticed it before. And then he motions to his hand. It is terribly disfigured.

"Taliban," he says.

I am at the point of tears. A 47 year old man who has seen peopled die. Who has watched family members and friends waste away from cancer die. Who has no fucking clue what life is about because I live in Canada and am SAFE.

"Taliban," I ask. "Why did they do that to you?"

"No reason. They came into my village and began to beat people. Hit me with rifle. Smashed hand."

"Where are you from," I ask choking back whatever semblance of North American righteousness I possessed.


I steadied myself and said, "I am proud you are in Canada now."

He smiled. He knew. He was safe now. Relatively. He had seizures and health problems but his wife and son were safe. He owns a business. He was contributing to Canada. Paying taxes and creating wealth. He did not advertise his plight and only because he and I had a rapport did he divulge his background because I am the type of person that asks these things.

Immigrants. Keep them coming because anyone motivated enough to leave the fuck out of Dodge deserves a second chance.
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Hosiery Care Tips by Treacle

Treacle as some great advice for you hosiery lovers out there about hosiery care. With Christmas coming you can take her tips and buy good quality hosiery and some of the accessories she mentions like a separate laundry bag to store hose in (or even ziplock bags would work too) and a set of stocking gloves for putting on and taking off your hose.

Perhaps go out and get your significant other some hose that accentuates their attire, a nice hosiery storage bag, and a set of gloves and put in a classy gift box. For the romantically inclined maybe include some nice tapered candles or some other suggestive gift might help initiate something special.

The one tip Treacle forgot to add...

Don't have sex in hose. Especially with me! Finger nails running up and down one's legs while wearing hose apt to lead to runs and ladders. Truth be told. I like ripping them. Maybe have two sets of hose. Everyday wear and sex wear.

She is making a fashion statement after our tryst.
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Humour in Lingerie Advertising

One does not see it much. Usually it is some perfectly prepared size 1 model photoshopped to death. Take a look at this image (full size is recommended by clicking on image) and see how long it takes you to get it. Have fun!

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An Oops...

John was good enough to point out an error in one of my posts regarding Carol Vorderman. The top picture is not Carol at all but as John states:

Hi. I hate to correct you, but the lovely lady with the bucket of water and boots in the picture isn't Carol Vorderman. She is actually Sally James, and used to appear in a late 70s UK Saturday 'kids' show called TISWAS, where she was often on the receiving end of buckets of water, gunge, pies and all sorts of other sloppy stuff. The show was watched by a lot of Dads too, as Miss James was rather fetching - especially when wet or gooey.

Sally James

Carol Vorderman at Chelsea Flower Show
Carol V. looking fine...

In my defense they do look similar.

Thanks to John for the correction and the chance to revisit Carol Vorderman and find out more about Sally James. John and I are looking for more Carol V. images so if you know where some are please let me know.
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Sizzling Saturday

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Butt Makeup

Huffington Post reports...

"But how do the models manage to look so perfect wearing next-to-nothing on the catwalk? Simple: Butt makeup.

One Angel, Selita Ebanks told the New York Daily News: "It's all about creating the illusion of this amazing body on the runway. People don't realize that there are about 20 layers of makeup on my butt alone."

Ebanks said the body makeup takes an hour to apply, plus hair and face makeup, which takes three to five hours. An average of five people works on each of the 38 models."

 Who knew?

 PS:  I'd tap Selita Ebanks butt without butt makeup on.
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140 Days until Earth Day

Just saying...
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At work today was a lovely lady from Corporate head office. 35ish, chestnut shoulder-length hair. White satin blouse draping over her well-proportioned breasts. Black mid-thigh skirt with black pumps and wonderful legs. A bit thin for my taste but all the same wonderlicious.

Yesterday a customer in early 30s. Awesome black hosed legs with this very interesting tattoo on the right inside of her leg about 2 inches above the ankle. Very nice as well but married damn it!
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Sophia Loren

Click on image to resize.

Question:  is this an authentic image of Sophia Loren? To my knowledge she never posed nude.
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Library Vixen

Girl on the Side


Nick Danger


Bad Penny

Stocking Vixen


Aunt Gill


If I left anyone out let me know...

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Before and After

She stood there before me poised and confident the sophistication of her mind crystallized in her azure blue eyes. Her smile was remote model professional.

I took her wine from her and quaffed it down almost completely. Her smile melted into a frown and the beginnings of a statement of reprobation took form on her lips. Without a word I grabbed her arm and spun her around and pulled her to me tight. One hand holding her wrist awkwardly from behind; one hand on her throat.

"No one word," I hissed and bent her over keeping her arm back locked behind her back. One hand free to divulge my cock and then to tear those light French lace panties away. A kick at her ankles drops her hips down and I piston my hips forward stabbing darkly for what I am going to use. Her softness enveloped me and she began to moan basely. Rapidly I used her and was spent in less time than it takes to open champagne.

Letting her go she pulls her dress down and flicks the remnants of her panties away into the corner, turns to me and I offer her wine glass back. Her hand raises to her now unkempt hair and her eyes offer to me awkward uncertainty.

After she stops moving and is transfixed in her uncertainty I turn my back to her and leave.
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Style Comments: Busy Looking Lingerie

I would never presume to have the fashion expertise of say, Treacle, when commenting on lingerie and stocking fashion but these two images did give me pause to take a stab at it.

In the above image we have a very attractive Japanese woman. She is more than appropriately attired in bra, panties, garter belts and stockings. Very sexy and I would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers or for wearing what she is wearing but I would have to hazard the comment that her fashion combination is too busy on the eyes. The lovely pink applique detailing on her bra and panties is getting lost in the busy lace pattern of her stockings. It is, in effect, an assault on the eyes. If she had picked a nice pair of simple black stockings or better yet pink ones she would have added a lot of pop to the pink detailing of her panties and bra.

Contrast this with the image below...

There is too much pink going on here. Black stockings would have accentuated the lingerie she is wearing. Again the crackers comment applies here...who am I to complain if sex is involved!

Compare the two lingerie combinations above this one. Smooth, sleek, and sexy. There is enough colour tonal similarity between this woman's corselette, panties, and stockings to blend the selection together and the demarcation between the darker colours on the lower half of her body (stockings and panties) actually accentuates her breasts quite well. Matching colours does not have to be the goal of the day.

As this picture illustrages picking one dominant colour such a blue in this case can make for a nice mix of colour contrasts without that colour contrast looking too busy.

I am no expert but I like what I like!
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Vintage MoJo

Those are one hell of a big I mean spoon.

Something about a woman just dressed in opera gloves that is a total turn on.


"I'm upside down again!"

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Spic and Span Saturday

Time for some Spic and Span since it is Saturday! Source...

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Happy American Thanksgiving

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